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Philosophy – week one / Day three


In today’s video Dave Ward asked the question:-

Is Philosophy Important?

Philosophy involves asking questions, in an effort to come to the right way of thinking about something. In order to come to the right way of thinking about something we have to ask the right questions.

When we looked at the question of whether or not philosophy was fundamental we decided that is is because the questions are there whether we want them or not.

The raft of questions that are out there are not necessarily important. Some questions are too trivial to be important.  But working out what the right questions are is important.

“[People] cannot live without seeking to describe and explain the universe to themselves. The models they use in doing this must deeply affect their lives, not least when they are unconscious; much of [their] misery and frustration… is due to the mechanical and unconscious, as well as deliberate, application of models where they do not work… The goal of philosophy is always the same, to assist [people] to understand themselves and thus operate in the open and not wildly, in the dark.” (Isaiah Berlin)

Philosophy leads to thinking about things more clearly this in itself is important. Questioning things that are generally accepted is important. This is how progress is made.

Standing back and looking at our own lives and making active rather than passive choices can change our perception of self. It can change the way we live. This is important.

Dave concluded that ‘Good philosophy‘ can be defined as ;-

The activity of working out the right way of thinking about things that matter most to us.

What I have learned so far.

Philosophy is about questioning things in a different way. It is about being inquisitive and loving knowledge. About finding the right questions to ask. Although not all questions have equal importance the process of questioning is important. Philosophy is fundamental and we do it to some extent every day.

Dave Ward doesn’t consider jumpers important. I disagree.  There are many questions about jumpers that remain unanswered in the world. Like whether angora mix really keeps you warmer? Do I need to take a jumper to Andalusia if I’m going in August? Why are there so many words for jumpers, like pullovers and sweaters? Does wearing a Fairisle automatically make you a folk singer? I could go on.

The last question is from my partner who is French – “Which came first the jumper or the egg?”. Try saying it in French.


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