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The film that I watched today was the shortest so far. It was described in the course notes as ” A very short, very grim representation of the effects of technology on humanity.”



La Plata, Argentina
Direction & CG Animation
Julian Cooke · Sebastian Dias

As seen in many sci-fi films tapes, we’ve been invaded again, but this time is our own fault: We’ve created New Media.
They’ve dominated the human race, changing themselves into biomecanical appearance self-sufficient organisms.
Far from the action footage and the explosions which define this film genre, the world is now an unshakeable place; victim of the alienation caused by the sent signals.

My impression of the film.

The earth is still alive. We see nature thriving. Trees and plants continue to grow even on buildings. The long tentacles of the machines are everywhere. Sweeping down from the sky, coming out of the windows of buildings and spreading throughout the roads.  They move with floating delicacy over a sky full of smoke and fumes. We see a remote control and the flicker of a screen reflected in it. There is only one human in the film. We see his face. He is wearing sunglasses. One of the machines is stuck to the side of his head. His expression is neutral.

The soundtrack is haunting and is bites of sound from media transmissions, radio and television broadcasts. The machines are feeding off the digital information.


There are definite visual echoes of “Bendito Machine III” here – what similarities and differences can you identify between the two films?

The Film Bendito Machine III was the first film of the course. I looked at it on the post Utopias and Dystopias.

In both films the humans are ruled to some extent by the machines. Their lives have been fundamentally changed by the arrival of the machines  The machines have come from an unknown origin somewhere above the earth.

The machines have both films need the humans in some way. In Bendito Machine the humans rely on the machines as an object of worship and source of information. In Newmedi the humans are the source for the machines.

In both films the machines result in the destruction of human life.

In Bendito Machine we see one of the humans asking for the machine. Although it is the transmitted signals in Newmedia that attracted the machines this was done without intent.

The humans worship the machines in the first film before being destroyed by them. In the second film the machines take over the humans and use them to their own ends. We are not certain whether the human we see in Newmedia is alive or dead or somewhere in between.


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