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Utopia and dystopia in popular films.


After the short films that we have watched the last exercises of the week is:-

Finally: There are many utopian and dystopian stories about technology told in popular films from Metropolis to the Matrix. Can you think of an example and describe or share it in the discussion board, on your blog, or on Twitter?

There have been so many films with some utopian and dystopian elements. The most recent one that I have seen that has both is “Never Let Me Go.”

The film starts in a post war Britain and continues to the 1990’s.

The Utopia. A solution has been found to most illness and disease. The sick part of the human body is simply replaced. In order to do this clones are created. They are kept well and healthy until their organs are required. Once they reach eighteen they then start to donate the required organ. They can be kept going donating organs until they ‘Complete’ or die.

The Dystopia. The film explores what it means to be human. The clones terrify some ordinary humans and yet resemble them in so many ways. They are unknowingly subjected to an experiment to discover if they have souls. The clones never doubt that they have souls and are confused when confronted with this knowledge. The question of their humanity and the morality of what happens to them as humans is not generally questioned. The clones understand that their purpose in life is to ‘complete. ‘ They have no choice in their own destiny as their paths are set from the beginning.

The film is a very interesting and thought-provoking film on what it means to be human.



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