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EDC MOOC – Sight .


Sight explores how the ubiquity of data and the increasingly blurry line between the digital and the material might play out in the sphere of human relationships. The focus on the emerging social and educational use of game-based ‘badging’ is particularly interesting. 


What is going on here, and how do you interpret the ending?

For the main protagonist life is a series of games. He starts with a virtual Skydiving program then a  cooking program. In both games his aim is to get a high score. Even cooking an egg is turned into a game.

We see that he has eye implants. This concept reminded me of a number of science fiction books such as ‘Light of Other Days’ by Arthur C Clarke and Stephen Baxter. In that story some people chose not to see life as it is.

His apartment is actually bare but he can see whatever he wants on the walls. He has access to all the information he wants at any time.

During his date he uses a dating program. Again his objective seems to be to get the highest score possible. We learn during this date that eye implants and using games is quite normal. The girl also has eye implants and she talks about them breaking down. We now discover that the protagonist works for the company who makes the implants and that there is rumours of them being able to control other’s sight and maybe action.

We also learn that information about people is available using the implants. Each person has a profile but they are able to choose some of the information that is included. Or maybe not to include some details.

Back at the apartment the girl see that the protagonist is using a dating program and tries to leave in disgust. He asks her to stop, then he orders her to stop. She stops and he access her data to restart the game he wants to ‘try again’ as he did when cutting the cucumber. We can see at this point that her eye implants glow suggesting that the protagonist has control, she doesn’t move.

The ending can be seen in two ways.

1.The girl was never real and a hologram or similar part of a simulation program to practice dating. In this case he may never have left his apartment.

2. She was real and the protagonist had indeed developed a way to control people using the eye implants. This option is strongly suggested. The sinister expression and the boy’s intensely competitive, controlling, nature. He does not want to lose at this and he really sees her as a game.

How does this vision align and contrast with the ones in the first two films?

It is similar in that all the information is available and immediately accessible. In both there is heavy reliance on technology in day to day life.

In the first two films technology is apart from the person and totally controlled by them. In this film the technology is part of the person. It has the ability to control the person.

The other films showed the technology being used for scientific, educational and business uses. In this film it is part of every aspect of life and considered a game.


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