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Philosophy – week one / Day Five


The last of the introduction to philosophy videos is entitled ‘Concluding Thoughts’. The video sums up what Dave Ward has talked about this week.

I have understood Dave Ward’s opinion of what philosophy is.  I haven’t yet decided what I think it is.

Here are what a lot of other philosophers think it is.

From the site ‘Philosophy Bites’ Philosophers answers to ‘What is philosophy?’

Critical thinking.

Thinking fundamentally clearly and well about reality.

It asks about life’s meanings and who we are.

A way of trying to be a systematic spirit with having a system.

The attempt to unify theoretical and practical reason.

Something that women can’t do.

Refusing to accept dogma without understanding it.

To think about the presuppositions of a given topic.

A way of loving knowledge.

Trying to see how things in the wider sense hang together in the wider sense.

The pursuit of wisdom including spiritual wisdom.

It’s about making sense of the world.

Being critical and reflective about things that most people take for granted.

Gaining knowledge through the use of reason.

A collection of questions which are of a deep interest to us and which there is no specialist knowledge.

Thinking about thinking.

Enquiry into all the things we don’t understand.

Critical reflection on things that interest us.

Abstract thought.

The search for a justified and coherent overall world view.

Thinking as clearly as possible about the most fundamental concepts.

That is a very striking philosophical question.

Successful lateral thinking.

Philosophy is what philosophers do.

Thinking obsessed with clarity.

Thinking really hard about the most important / difficult questions.

The attempt to understand ourselves and the world.

An attempt to ask questions that don’t go away.

The study of the cause and benefits that accrue when you take up a certain position.

Reflecting critically on the way things are.

It is something you have to do to understand its essence.

A way to think of dilemmas and contradictions.

Conceptual engineering.

A mode of enquiry.

A subject that all French students have to take in the last year of high school.

Several philosophers could not give an answer or gave an answer to another question. A lot of the philosophers who were asked laughed instead of or before giving an answer. Ah well at least philosophy seems to make people happy even if they don’t know what it is or can’t explain it.


I am hoping to come to my own conclusion as the course progresses. One thing that everyone agrees on is that philosophy involves thinking and questioning.

I am going to think about the course and question it in the hope that I will have a clearer idea after the seven weeks.


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