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EDCmooc – End of week three


For the end of week three there was additional reading and Jeremy posted Steve Fuller’s power point presentation. This was great as Fuller  didn’t manage to finish the presentation in the video.

I had a look at Wikipedia for Steve Fuller and found this note.

Two of his books have been recognised in this regard. Kuhn vs. Popper was Book of the Month for February 2005 in the US mass circulation magazine, Popular Science. However, Rupert Read wrote: “I did not have to read far into this book in order to conclude that it is worthless. … In sum: this book offers only a cartoon opposition of a fake ‘Popper’ to a fake ‘Kuhn.'” Fuller responded, coining the word “Kuhnenstein” (Kuhn + Wittgenstein) to capture Read’s view of Kuhn, which Fuller calls a “figment of Read’s — and other’s — fertile imagination.”

I didn’t find Fuller’s argument vere convincing as you can see from my previous post. I tweeted Robert Read for a response to the TEDx Warwick talk. He was kind enough to respond to such a direct request from an unknown person and on a public media. This is his response.

I had already finished the last post but it was good to get another point of view especially from an academic and Reader in Philosophy.

The last of Steve Fullers slides talked about “The Six Arguments Against Humanity” and the Emerging culture of Humanity. The presentation covers some of the ideas in his book. He considers there are two different ideas of humanity. Some people contest what it is to be human.

He feels that this difference will only be increased as we progress technologically. As Kurzweil works towards introducing technological components into the human brain I wonder whether these enhanced entities will consider themselves a new breed who will then look down on the ‘Humans’ that are left.

Perspectives on education

Reading “The Human Element” from Kolowich and “The Human Touch” from Monke  was very interesting. Apart from adding to the discussion here it made me think about my own role in education. I have chosen to discuss The Human element of education for my project.

I have concentrated on starting my project rather than answering the questions on the MOOC.

Cross Courses.

What I have also found very interesting is the relationship between this weeks EDC and this weeks Philosophy Course. In the Philosophy course we have been looking at the mind and computers.

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