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The Present – Blended Learning


For my artefact I am working on a project called “Putting the Human Back“. My artefact will represent the movement towards taking the human out of education and the current movement towards reinstatement.  This post is to represent the present situation and I will be linking to it.

What is Blended Learning?

Source : Wikipedia

Blended learning uses both E-Learning and classroom learning.

Many centres for adult education are putting the human back at least to some extent by using this technique.

Why use Blended Learning?

Example of a Blended learning Module.

The E-Learning

 This assignment would be for an adult learner who has already learned some simple language structures.

Click on the image (left) to see the sorts of information and exercises the learner might do before completing the assignment.

The learner then has the choice of printing the book out and filling in the blanks manually or they can create their own story to bring to the classroom.

Here is the book that I prepared for this assignment using the StoryBird application.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Below are two ways of preparing this assignment from opposite ends of the motivational scale.

Lazy student.

Motivated student

I have not used StoryBird for a real class. I would be able to see any stories submitted for this assignment on line so I would be prepared for who and who hadn’t prepared and to what extent.

In the Classroom

Me: Do you have your assignments with you?

Everyone: Yes, I do.

Me: Good. We will look at the stories together. First, does anyone have any questions.

Everyone: No (or silence – I hardly ever get questions at the beginning of a class.)

Me. What time do you wake up every day?

Lazy student: I wake up at six and a half  every day.

Motivated student: I wake up at half past six every day.

This would lead to discussion, explanations (hopefully by ‘motivated student’) corrections and feedback. The classroom is student centred as much as possible. My role is to animate the meeting and ensure that everyone has understood before going on to the next subject.


  1. Dave Young says:

    Louise – this is a fantastic creation of yours. You obviously know what you are doing both as an educator and as a blogger. If I didn’t understand ‘blended learning’ before this, I do – almost – now. I am not an educator. I am not even a trainer. I am a mentor who ‘helps people to learn’. I am primarily trying to help managers learn new skills (as opposed to knowledge) so in my work I see blended learning as some talk and chalk, more of case studies and role plays and more opportunities to ‘try out’ new ways of doing things in the world of work and learning from experience. This has opened my eyes to another world. Thank you.

    • Louise Taylor says:

      Thank you very much Dave. I have learned about blogging as I have gone along. This is not my first blog but I am not really an expert. I don’t like things to get the better of me so I keep trying until it works.
      I have enjoyed exploring new tools and techniques to make this post. If it helps people to understand what Blended Learning is in my world of teaching English then I have succeeded.

  2. […] in that is my description of Blended learning  which currently puts the human back into […]

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