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Free MOOCs? Forget about it.


I just wanted to register for part two of Modern and Post Modern. It is still free but there are changes. If I want a certificate I have to pay. Such a little thing a certificate. I could probably knock one up myself. I know I should appreciate education for education’s sake. I know I should………


Coursera’s free Statements of Accomplisments die a quiet death.

Source: Free MOOCs? Forget about it.



  1. Annie Curry says:

    Hi Louise,
    I agree with you…such a little thing a certificate. I remember you from A History of Mankind and your amazing notes that you so kindly made available to everyone for FREE.
    now it becomes all the more expensive for my children and I who take courses to get that little certificate.

  2. Marion Calleja says:

    I agree – it was too good to be true! They’d probably make more money if they offered them for $5.00 – at least I got my first two free.

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